Vancouver Chartered Salmon Fishing

Join us year-round for a great time fishing in Vancouver’s local waters! Our local salmon stocks and waves of migrating salmon make BC the premiere salmon fishing destination. We offer day charters to many Vancouver fishing hot spots as well as a few secret ones!

Hook and Sea is a mobile charter operation that meets you where to want to fish to maximize fishing time and minimize boat travel. Fishing charters can range in length from 6 – 10 hours depending on pick up location and how long you want to be on the water. Our fishing guides can help you plan an amazing day that fits with your vision! See our charters and rates page for a more detailed breakdown of trips.

Hook and Sea Charters is fully insured with top notch equipment. We supply everything needed for fishing. Only thing you need to bring is something to eat or drink. We are an owner operated company which means customer service and overall experience is our number one priority. In addition to unforgettable experiences, we are happy to offer fish processing (cleaning and bagging) at no extra charge.

We offer covered aluminum heated boat to keep you comfortable throughout the day. With our top-notch tackle and bait and experience of the guides you are pretty much guaranteed to bring fish in the boat even when others are having a tough day.

Salmon Fishing by Season

Depending on the season, there are five different species of pacific salmon that allow us to enjoy fishing as a year-round sport.

Spring (April -June)

Chinook Salmon, also known as Spring Salmon in BC (or King Salmon in USA) are the largest of the salmon most consistently available in Vancouver and surrounding area waters. During this season we are targeting the chinook Salmon in the Strait of Georgia and the shorelines of the gulf islands. From an anglers’ perspective, Chinook always put up a good fight, making them excellent sport and a rewarding catch. Adding the right flasher to your gear can encourage some truly outstanding first runs.

Summer (July-September)

During the summer we are fishing for multiple species, so it is always a surprise as you reel the fish in. Chinook and Coho Salmon are available all summer. The late spring or summer is characterized by the presence of mature chinook, the largest of Salmon (4-6 years old) ranging from 10-30 lbs. Multiple runs of these fish head towards their native rivers from April to September creating excellent fishing in our own backyard. Sockeye Salmon are available in August and September, subject to opening seasons by Department of fisheries. Pink Salmon are also available every odd year from July -September.

Fall (September – October)

Fish are continuing with their migration patterns towards local rivers. Chinook, Coho and Chum Salmon are at prize winning sizes having gone through their feeding seasons. Stocks are plentiful which makes fishing non-stop fun with frequent bites and epic battles on the line.

Winter (November – March)

Immature chinook salmon (2-3 years old) are available in local BC waters in the winter. These are known as feeder chinook because they are aggressive eaters working to gain size and reserves in preparation for the long journey to the rivers where they will spawn. Due to their aggressive eating, feeder chinook take bait hard and can be a handful on the line for experienced and inexperienced anglers alike! Generally ranging from 5-25 lbs, feeders, sometimes also referred to as winter chinook, are beautiful chrome specimens for photographs and tasty on the BBQ.

Crab and prawn traps can be dropped depending on the season and length of charter.

See our Charter Rates page for pricing based on trip length. Call us to book your salmon charter fishing trip today! Spend the day enjoying beautiful British Columbia and all the fish the west coast has to offer!