Vancouver Chartered Sturgeon Fishing

Fishing on the Fraser River offers a unique world class opportunity for all anglers! Sturgeon are the ultimate sport fish for BC being the largest freshwater fish in North America.

The Fraser River is a fresh water river and home to the prehistoric white sturgeon. These beasts average 3-6 feet and weigh 75-200lbs. The big fish can be over 10 ft and 2,000lbs. Sturgeon are 100% catch and release. Smaller sturgeon can be brought into the boat for pics, but larger fish must to taken to shorelines for pics in the water. Sturgeon are known for their fantastic fights on the line. Tail walking jumps and long screaming runs test the worlds’ best anglers.

The Fraser Valley offers a number of spots along the water to stop, have lunch and enjoy a local craft brew. See our various sturgeon fishing packages that best fit your vision and timeline. Book your Fraser River sturgeon fishing trip today!